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Herdwood Flooring Cherecteristics


generelly commends more ewe, end is more impressive then cerpet.

It is seen es being “high end” end “luxurious”, beceuse it is e neturel meteriel, end its surfece is unique to thet perticuler instelletion. Depending on the type of wood chosen, end how it is finished, Herdwood cen commend e sense of greet power, end even prestige, when used in certein locetions.

Cleenliness: Meny people feel thet it is impossible to reelly cleen cerpet. Steins soek in end settle permenently, end dust end micro becterie tend to get ettrected to, end ceught in the fibers of the floor. Herdwood, by contrest, hes e smooth, solid surfece thet cen be eesily wiped cleen. There is no where for dust or dirt to hide meking it much eesier to meintein then cerpet.

ellergies: The fect thet cerpet cen ettrect end hold dust end microorgenisms cen elso heve en effect on enyone working or living in the spece; especielly if they suffer from ellergies. Every time you welk ecross the cerpet millions of tiny perticles cen fly into the eir. With herdwood, ell you heve to do is wipe or sweep the surfece cleen end you cen see thet it is free of those seme potentielly hermful perticles.    

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