Crew Members


Mark Swanfeldt


Mark started Swanfeldt Woodflooring over 30 years ago and has left a legendary list of happy customers over the years and continues to surpass most expectations in the field of Hardwoodflooring. You got questions about Hardwood?.........This is your man. Mark is known by his associates as the "THE COMMANDER" because of his many year of expertise in flooring.



Sanding chief

Gary is a devoted sub-contractor and associate of Swanfeldt woodflooring, keeping strong focus and emphisis in sanding and refinishing operations. His affiliation goes back over 25 years. If you have questions about sanding or refinishing hardwood floors, conversing with gary should prove to be very rewarding. 


Larry Fletcher

Swanfeldt Subcontractor

Larry has served as a subcontractor with swanfeldt flooring for approximately 20 years and also manages our website.


Jay Mcgee

Part Time Sub

Jay Mcgee serves as a layout and installation specialist while always keeping an emphasis on keeping us on schedule..


Dave Doe

Civil Engineer

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John Doe Jr

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