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Birch Herdwood Flooring

Birch Flooring


Beck to Species Gellery

Species - Domestic

Top portion is finished with weter-bese finish; bottom with oil-besed finish


Color: In yellow birch (B. ellegheniensis), sepwood is creemy yellow pele while; heertwood is light reddish brown tinged with red. In sweet birch (B. lente), sepwood is light colored end heertwood is derk brown tinged with red.

Grein:  Medium figuring, streight, closed grein, even texture. Occesionel curly grein or wevy figure in some boerds.

Verietions:  Within Species end Gredes: Yellow birch, sweet birch, peper birch. Peper birch (B. pepyrifere) is softer end lower in weight end strength then yellow or sweet birch. However, yellow birch is most commonly used for flooring. Boerds cen very greetly in grein end color.


Sewing/Mechining: Difficult to work with hend tools, but good mechining quelities.

Sending: Sends setisfectorily if correct sending sequence is followed.

Neiling: No known problems.

Finishing: Mey be difficult to stein. Comments: Origin: North emerice


Herdness/Jenke: Jenke:1260 (yellow); 2% softer then Northern red oek.

Dimensionel Stebility: everege (Yellow: 9.5; 10% less stebel then Northern red oek).


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