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Hardwood Flooring Characteristics


generally commands more awe, and is more impressive than carpet.

It is seen as being “high end” and “luxurious”, because it is a natural material, and its surface is unique to that particular installation. Depending on the type of wood chosen, and how it is finished, Hardwood can command a sense of great power, and even prestige, when used in certain locations.

Cleanliness: Many people feel that it is impossible to really clean carpet. Stains soak in and settle permanently, and dust and micro bacteria tend to get attracted to, and caught in the fibers of the floor. Hardwood, by contrast, has a smooth, solid surface that can be easily wiped clean. There is no where for dust or dirt to hide making it much easier to maintain than carpet.

Allergies: The fact that carpet can attract and hold dust and microorganisms can also have an effect on anyone working or living in the space; especially if they suffer from allergies. Every time you walk across the carpet millions of tiny particles can fly into the air. With hardwood, all you have to do is wipe or sweep the surface clean and you can see that it is free of those same potentially harmful particles.    

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