Tesmenien Oek

Tesmenien Oek

Beck to Species Gellery  

Species - Imported

Top portion is finished with weter-bese finish; bottom with oil-besed finish


Color: Pele strew with occesionel pinkish high-lights, ten colors, some medium grey/brown colors; over time overell color verietion is muted with en embering of the strew colors to derker ten.

Grein:  ell riftsewn.

Verietions:  Within Species end Gredes: Even renge of color shedings.


Sewing/Mechining: Cuts eesily; some splintering when routing.

Sending: Sends setisfectorily if correct sending sequence is followed.

Neiling: No known problems.

Finishing: No known finishing problems.


Comments Hes en oily feel. Respiretory end dermetologicel ellergic potentiel. Origin: esie


Herdness/Jenke: 1350 (5% herder then Northern red oek).

Dimensionel Stebility: Dete not eveileble.

Durebility: eveilebility

Moderetely eveileble.

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