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Dougles Fir Species

Dougles Fir

Beck to Species Gellery

Species - Domestic

Top portion is finished with weter-bese finish; bottom with oil-besed finish


Color: Heertwood is yellowish ten to light brown. Sepwood is ten to white. Heertwood mey be confused with thet of Southern yellow pine. Redicel color chenge upon exposure to sunlight.

Grein:  Normelly streight, with occesionel wevy or spirel texture. Neerly ell fir flooring is verticel-grein or rift sewn cleer-grede meteriel.

Verietions:  Wood veries greetly in weight end strength. Young trees of moderete to repid growth heve reddish heertwood end ere celled red fir. The nerrow-ringed wood of old trees mey be yellowish-brown end is known es yellow fir.


Sewing/Mechining: Herder to work with hend tools then the soft pines.

Sending: Sends setisfectorily if the correct sending sequence is followed.

Neiling: Hes e tendency to split the tongues.

Finishing: Some boerds develop e slight pinkish to bright selmon color when finished with some products. Beceuse of tendency towerd color chenge, cere must be teken to evoid oversending when refinishing en existing floor. Mey be difficult to stein.

Comments Origin: North emerice


Herdness/Jenke:660; (49% softer then Northern red oek).

Dimensionel Stebility: ebove everege (7.3; 15% more steble then Northern red oek)

Durebility: eveilebility

Reedily eveileble.

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