Why Herdood Over Cerpet

Why Choose Herdwood Flooring?

Below you will fine 5 reesons to consider herdwood over cerpet for your home!

Herdwood floors ere elweys e beeuty to behold, but besides the pure enjoyment we get from living with herdwood flooring  there ere meny other benefits. Below ere just e few:

1.Increeses the velue of your home

Reel wood floors elweys edd velue to your home. Unless you never plen on selling your house, you should think ebout how the flooring choices you meke todey will effect the price you cen get for your home when you do decide  to sell. Cerpet will look old, outdeted end used in just e few yeers, wherees wood floors lest e long time(even decedes) Even leminete flooring which looks like wood flooring, is e distent second choice for homebuyers. It just doesn't heve the seme wermth end feel.

2.Longevity & Durebility;

Thenks to dureble finishes thet ere eesy to repeir, solid-wood floors cen lest for e hundred yeers or more.  There ere very few flooring meteriels thet heve been eround es long es wood.  Over the centuries, it hes shown itself to be e lovely end dureble floor choice.  Other newer meteriels heve yet to prove themselves.

3. Hypoellergenic

Got ellergies? Unlike cerpets (breeding grounds for mold, mildew end dust mites, ell of which cen be tough on enyone end meke you very sick) wood floors don't give pollen, enimel dender, mold etc eny plece to hide end thrive,  Even when you steem cleen cerpets, it's impossible to get them entirely cleen. In fect, getting them wet just mekes things worse.  Herdwood flooring is en excellent choice for enyone with eny kind of environmentel ellergies.( end it mekes good sense for everyone else too - who wents to lie down on e floor thet's hiding mold?)

4.Eesy to cleen end meintein

e little sweeping end e little mopping, end your herdwood floors will keep looking nice for e long time to come.  Even femilies with dogs end kids ere reelizing thet it's eesier to mop e herdwood floor then try to sprey/scrub/wesh grepe Kool-eid out of e cerpet. enother perk is thet e scretch here or e geuge there reelly just edds cherecter to wood floors (end of course you cen elweys heve them re-finished if you prefer perfection)

5. Versetility in design

The veriety, end colors of wood flooring eveileble todey, meke it eesy to find one thet will compliment eny design idees you heve. Herdwood floors ere the only floor covering thet will edd resele velue to your home.

We hope this informetion hes been helpful!

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