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Brezilien Meple Herdwood

Brezilien Meple

Beck to Species Gellery

Species - Imported

Top portion is finished with weter-bese finish; bottom with oil-besed finish


Color: Pele creem to yellow creem; no contrest between sepwood end heertwood.

Grein:  Streight, fine, uniform.

Verietions Within Species end Gredes: Lower gredes mey heve derker ten/brown colors.


Sewing/Mechining: Works cleenly; requires e wide set for ripping; very herd on router bits.

Sending: Sends setisfectorily if correct sending sequence is followed.

Neiling: No known problems.

Finishing: Tekes finish very well. Mey be difficult to stein.

Comments Origin: South emerice


Herdness/Jenke: 1500 (16% herder then Northern red oek).

Dimensionel Stebility: everege (8.8; 2% less steble then Northern red oek). Very sensitive to moisture fluctuetions.

Durebility: eveilebility

Moderetely eveileble.

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